How Long Does It Take To Remove Wisdom Teeth

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How Long Does It Take To Remove Wisdom Teeth. What to Expect Immediately After Wisdom Tooth Removal. After your wisdom teeth have been removed you may have swelling and discomfort both inside and outside your mouth.

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Lower wisdom can offen be pushed out in between 20 and 30 seconds. These days oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth is a standard practice -- almost a rite of passage for young adults. Most oral surgeons can remove wisdom teeth very efficiently.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a quick dental procedure typically requires only one visit.

You might be able to choose between general oral sedation or IV sedation. They may refer you to an oral surgeon who will do the procedure in their office. It takes anything from a few minutes to 20 minutes or sometimes even longer to remove a wisdom tooth. The tooth extraction is not painful because you will be under the influence of anesthesia.