How To Cut Sleeves Off Shirt

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How To Cut Sleeves Off Shirt. Step 2 Mark the 1 12 point on the sleeve with dressmakers white chalk. Next mark the center of your pattern paper with the length measurements.

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Choose which shirt you would like to make sleeveless. All you need is your t-shirt which you want to trim down to be sleeveless. Turn your t-shirt inside-out and lay it on a clean flat surface.

If you plan to add new sleeves or a collar or drawstring you can cut immediately along the inside of the seams at the arms and the bottom of the neckband.

Cut just underneath the T-shirt sleeves on each hoodie sleeve. This is how I personally cut the sleeves off my shirts - made this for my friend bc she is stupid and never got my instructions haha I DONT OWN the music. Begin cutting the sleeve off 1 inch 25 cm below the armpit and finish cutting at the shoulder seam right where the sleeve connects to the shirt. Use the seam gauge to measure 1 12 inches from the edge of the armhole.