How To Test Blue Light Glasses

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How To Test Blue Light Glasses. That is the test squares. In the article 3 Blue Blockers Put to the Test they tested three pairs of glasses in a laboratory for their ability to block blue light measuring light intensity at all.

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There are two ways to perform a blue light test. If they do not appear black then your blue light glasses are not blocking all blue light. This is the simplest way to check if the blue light is effective or not.

Some filters will filter out all the blue light below 400nm others below 480nm and the really effective ones will block all the blue light below 520nm.

You shouldnt be concerned if the green section changes only slightly only blue light blocking. Night Time Deep OrangeRed Lenses After sunset you must block 100 of blue light and also most green light. There is a method at home to test your blue light glasses. The only proven way to accurately test blue light glasses is with an instrument called a spectrophotometer also called a visible spectrometer.